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We know you’re anxious to give your child every advantage you can – and the sooner there’s a plan in place, the better.

Our goal is less stress for you and an earlier start date for your child. 

That’s why we created a simple, four-step intake process for BrightBloom Centers. Here’s how it works:

Your journey with us begins with a conversation. We want to learn about your child’s unique needs, answer your questions about ABA therapy, and make sure our services are a good fit.

Complete the form below, and you’ll receive a call from one of our knowledgeable, caring staff members within two business days – guaranteed. We’re ready to help.

Start Here

If you’d like to move forward after our conversation, the next step is to confirm your insurance eligibility. We currently accept Aetna,  Anthem,  BlueCross Blue Shield, Cigna, TriCare-Humana, United and Delaware Medicaid plans.

We’ll ask you to submit:

  • a copy of your child’s diagnostic report
  • a referral letter for ABA
  • back and front copies of all active insurance cards
  • complete welcome packet

Most insurance companies require your child to have a medical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder before they’ll authorize services. Our Intake Specialist will contact your insurance provider to confirm your eligibility for ABA services. Once approved, we’ll schedule the initial assessment.

Next, one of our Board-Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBA) will schedule an appointment to conduct an initial assessment of your child. Through interviews, checklists, and direct observations, the BCBA will:

  • Get a sense of your child’s personality
  • Evaluate your child’s current skills
  • Assess the social, affective, cognitive, and/or environmental factors associated with your child’s behavior
  • Determine which instructional strategies and interventions would be most effective

For our early intervention program, we’ll ensure this assessment occurs within ten days of receiving your intake packet in Step 2.

The final step of the intake process is confirming your child’s treatment plan. Based on the assessment, the BCBA will:

  • Determine your child’s learning objectives
  • Create concrete treatment goals
  • Identify specific behavioral interventions
  • Recommend the weekly number of ABA therapy sessions

Then, we’ll review the time commitments and expectations together before services begin.