Early Intervention

Early intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI) is a comprehensive treatment based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles, typically delivered before the child turns five years old.

Clinical research has shown that children who receive EIBI (starting around two years old) make the most significant improvements. In this dynamic period of a child’s growth, the brain demonstrates the greatest potential to alter the course of development. Early childhood is the best time to close the gap between the child’s functional level and typically developing peers.

While EIBI is time-intensive (usually 20-40 hours per week), this evidence-based methodology is proven to bring about positive, meaningful change in behavior in individuals with autism and related developmental disabilities. And in contrast to many other early intervention options, the waiting list to enroll in our program is significantly shorter.

During EIBI, your child will enjoy the fun, safe, engaging environment of BrightBloom, while also working on a variety of skills, such as language development, social behavior, play activities, and alternative skills. For example, making a request instead of maladaptive behaviors like tantrums, aggression, and self-injury.