Diagnostic Services

Are you concerned about how your child is communicating, interacting, or behaving? If so, you’re probably wondering how to begin the evaluation process. Obtaining a diagnosis of autism can unlock access to intensive treatment and provide a sense of relief for you and your family. Early diagnosis is a crucial part of ensuring the best treatment for your child. 

BrightBloom can help in jumpstarting the care process with a diagnosis! Our team of licensed clinical psychologists specialize in child development testing for autism and related disorders. Our deep professional experience and intensive clinical training means you’ll receive expert guidance and accurate answers to all your questions and concerns. 

Our evaluation process is transparent and straightforward, the steps include: 

  1. Clinical consultation to understand your goals and priorities 
  2. Testing and evaluation via a battery of assessment tools 
  3. Diagnosis and treatment recommendations  

To learn more about the signs of autism and the process of getting a diagnosis, check out our FAQ page. If you’d like to speak with our staff about diagnostic services, visit the Start Here page.