Our Values


We are committed to providing a safe and enriching environment that promotes independence,  individual discovery, connection, and exceptional learning.


As a team, we are a group of caring professionals who share a lifelong dedication for teaching with gentleness, respect, and enthusiasm. 

Meaningful outcomes 

Every child deserves a chance to grow, to be fully accepted for who they are, and to enjoy all of life’s possibilities. We teach foundational skills that lead to meaningful outcomes and positive change. 

Partnering with families

We believe in caregiver education and family involvement so that they can confidently and fully participate in their child’s growth with us. 

Focused on each unique individual

Children on the spectrum are unique learners. Because most children learn best through play, our clinical staff blends individualized learning with fun in engaging and creative ways.


ABA is an evidence and science-based therapy model that is grounded in decades of academic research. Our team includes board certified behavior analysts and ABA therapists who pursue continuing education opportunities as part of their professional and personal development.

Inspired Learning

Every small achievement can lead to amazing success. We celebrate with those we work with and recognize that each incremental goal reached can mean a big victory for a child and their family.